I first learned how to install (hang siding) while living in Skiatook Oklahoma. Back then I earned $25.00 per day and often worked more than twelve hours per day.  Needless to say those were long days. Back then steel siding was frequently used and I had to cut each piece by hand. Can you imagine? Needless to say I have a strong handshake due to the countless hours of cutting by hand. Eventually however, vinyl siding became much more popular due to it’s ease of use and of coarse its many benefits over that of steel, (Think never paint again and no rust). Not to mention it is considerably lighter.

  My family and I moved to California  in 1990 after I completed my service term for the US Army. Shortly after our arrival I promptly went to work as a sub contractor often doing work for larger companies such as Sears. I did this for several years until I applied for and completed my application as a contractor and started Prestige Siding in 1991. That seems like such a long time ago now. I have since added additional classifications to my ordinal license and I now sell and install Simonton windows, Refelctive Tech among other things. I have quite a large number of satisfied customers who I have kept in touch with over the years. Some of those folk have moved but  but many are still in the same home they lived in back then and as you can see by the pictures many of those jobs still look amazing. These customer are not only satisfied but are also very willing to recommend my work.  A list of available homes in your respective area will be available upon request if needed. 

  I have many years of experience and I am never in a rush when it comes to customizing or performing on your home. The end result will always be an excellent install, weather it be siding, windows or whatever. I take special pride in all my work and each employee has been trained personally by myself and I have worked with them for many hours before any employee is allowed on our jobs. My customer satisfaction ratio is very high and each customer is considered as family by the time I finish the job. I routinely check in with my customers to make sure that they continue to be satisfied even years after the job is completed. Most contractors wouldn’t even consider such a thought. I enjoy getting referrals from these customers as they continue to patronize me.  If you are thinking about the addition of siding, windows, insulation or fencing please take the time to consider letting me give you a competitive bid for your project. Why hesitate or wait? I can help you with your questions weather you choose to do the work with me or not. I can personally guarantee you’ll be glad you did.

Sincerely, Tony Duffy